Kuda ‘Baskwa’ Mangoma was born in Zimbabwe in 1992. After spending most of his life in Australia, he is now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Baskwa, a self-taught visual artist, draws inspiration from an array of sources. He turned to art initially as a form of therapy, and it has since become the cornerstone of his career, enabling him to explore his artistic expression to the fullest.

The art movements from downtown New York City, particularly the late-60’s and early-80’s eras, are a significant source of inspiration for Baskwa. His work features a distinctive, authentic style, which draws you into his world once you become familiar with it.

Baskwa’s paintings make bold and colourful statements, often depicting figures with solemn expressions. He views colour as a communicative tool and employs it in his art through characters with muted expressions. This contrast between the vibrant colours and the solemn characters serves to express the dichotomies of human existence.